The primary reason that Will wanted to help start a tutoring business is because of his love for teaching. He continually seeks out opportunities to teach others, whether by providing tutoring services or running study groups. Working to get his master's degree in accounting, Will specializes in most forms of mathematics and elective business courses. Will also helps to craft professional résumés and high quality essays for coursework and college applications.




Driven by a combination of competitiveness and curiosity, Matt has always thrived in school. He decided to share his experience with others to help them have similar success in school and to be able to value their education. Planning on attending medical school upon his graduation from BYU, Matt is more than proficient in most branches of science.



Associate Tutor, Mathematics

Ashley comes with a long history of tutoring students in a variety of subjects, and is certified as a tutor by the College Reading & Learning Association. Her coursework at BYU has included rigorous courses in calculus, statistics, information systems, and many more. Currently minoring in Math and applying to the Information Systems program, Ashley is the perfect fit to help with any mathematics course.



Associate Tutor, Sciences

Passionate about gaining and sharing knowledge, Davin has seen a significant amount of success in accomplishing his academic goal and is more than prepared to improve the ability of students to achieve their goals. As a neuroscience major currently in the process of applying to and interviewing with several medical schools, Davin has a wide range of knowledge in both sciences (biology, chemistry, physics & psychology) and mathematics (algebra, calculus & statistics). He is also willing to share his experience and advice about the journey to enter the medical field.